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MagicYarnBall Swaps on Livejournal!



June 4th, 2007

swaps alot

So raynbow and I met up this past week and she gave me a magic ball full of goodies and goodness. THANKS raynbow!!!

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Thanks! That was a lot of fun. I was so glad to get to hang out with you this weekend. And while it wasn't a surprise that you made this.. it was more than I imagined. I really appreciate it. *mwah!

April 6th, 2007


disco chomby
My yarn ball, which we thought was lost in the mail, finally showed up today!

Here's a picture of it out of the box.  I haven't unwrapped it yet, and my dog is very upset about this, because as you can see, there's a toy for her in it, and she wants it.


April 1st, 2007


I was putting off posting because I got a cute photo of my 9 month old trying to help unwind the yarn ball and really wanted to include that, but it appears someone hid the camera's card reader much too well because I can't find it anywhere. Very frustrating.

Anyhow! I got my package and there was some great stuff. The yarn is an extra-fluffy sari silk in bright cheerful colors. I'm thinking of knitting it into a bag like one of these. Then there were three kinds of tea, two kinds of candy (yum yum all gone), soap, lotion, a tea ball with a little cup on it, a little polka-dotted bowl (which I've already found is really handy for beads), a fun trivia book, a wooden shawl pin thingy, and bubbles! All in a beautiful red silk pouch that's just right for a knitting or spinning project. Most of the stuff was from North Carolina, which was an extra fun touch. It's always great to get a feel for local specialties.

Is it just me, or does everyone get their package and think "dang, I should have put in more stuff!" ?


March 31st, 2007

(no subject)

Yay!  Here's my yarn ball, still wrapped up and full of potential.  That sheepie guy is actually a pen topper (so cute!) and the blue on the right hand side of the pic is a bag of BFL roving, in jewel tones with a bit of sparkle running through -- the roving matches the little dragon that you can also see in the pic (I collect dragons - even have the symbol for dragon tattooed on my back)!  Everything in the package was absolutely perfect fo rme and I loooove it.  Thanks, boogie_babe! This has been a great swap!

March 28th, 2007

I got my ball. yay!
It's so wonderful! I only hope my package was as good.
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March 27th, 2007

My ball o' goodness arrived late last week, and I had such a crazy weekend and early workweek that its taken until tonight to find the time to post about it. Sorry for the delay, emmacrew!

I put emmacrew's ball in the mail just this morning ... sorry for the delay, but it should be there by Friday!

March 25th, 2007

ball gone!

I sent out my ball yesterday (as did my partner in swappage) -- just sending an update into the ether :)

March 23rd, 2007

I got my ball from purlewe yesterday!  SO MUCH FUN! 

It was already dark by the time I got home, so I'm pretty sure my pictures won't do it justice.. I will try to get better photos tomorrow and share all my goodies! :)


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March 21st, 2007

D-Day Reminder

rainbow head - kageneko
Ok, tomorrow is the send out date of the swap.

In theory, by the end of the day tomorrow, you should have shipped your package and let me and your partner  know.

If, for any reason, you're not going to be able to do that, what you do need to do by the end of the day tomorrow is let me and your partner know that you aren't ready to ship and a general idea of when you will be ready.

Thanks to everyone for your help making this swap so much fun!
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