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MagicYarnBall Swaps on Livejournal!


MagicYarnBall Swaps on Livejournal!


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disco chomby
My yarn ball, which we thought was lost in the mail, finally showed up today!

Here's a picture of it out of the box.  I haven't unwrapped it yet, and my dog is very upset about this, because as you can see, there's a toy for her in it, and she wants it.

  • All I can say is it's aboutdamnfuckingtimethethingshowedupgoddammit.
    • Lets just be glad it did!
      • I finished the caliometry last night, and then wound off the rest of the ball. There's probably enough yarn for another one,yay!

        I love everything, thanks so much.

        I have a black thumb, so I may not plant the seeds, but...

        I'd actually been wanting to get some seeds, to try making seed paper with. So it's like you read my mind!
        • so tell us all that was in there!!!!
          • I've got it all laid out at home, I'll take a picture tonight.

            The dog toy might not be in there though.

            Last I saw it, it looked all but ready to move to the great trashcan beyond. It's life was brief, but meaningful.
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