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MagicYarnBall Swaps on Livejournal!



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March 20th, 2007


Well, I just can't wait to share!!! I got the magic yesterday. After all day, checking the front porch every half hour or so, it came at about four thirty (I swear, I checked the porch, walked away, checked again ten minutes later, then it was there. My postal carrier is so stealthy!)
I got to open the box, shake the ball around a little, then I had to go to Band. Since I"m not a patient person, this was pretty much torture.
And did I mention the patience thing? I had to unwrap it, just had to. :)
Here's what was inside:

A knitted bag
A candle
two sets of fimo beads (marking spots where the yarn was tied..the yarn for my project was already split, thanks!)
a page of scrapbooking stickers
A stamp
two chapsticks (since I'm pretty much a chapstick junkie, this was really great)
some scrapbooking emblishments
four cut-design paper snowflake type things (beautiful!)
a tube of wildflower seeds
a card with the picture and name of the cutest child on earth in it (yes, I'm biased)
a cat bowl (Tas was unimpressed, until I put food in it, then he was excited)
a pair of knitted kitty ears for Ben (SO Cute!)
two finger puppets, handknitted
a large multi-sided folded paper ball (being a chemist, this was pretty cool...it's very crystal-like. I need to find out how to make this...)
some ribbon for scrapbooking
a beaded ring
chocolate covered coffee beans (dear sweet Jesus these are great...)
and two balls of handspun, which are beautiful! Not being a spinner, I really liked this! It's that whole "wow, I wish I could do this!" thing.

The pattern is for socks, Priscilla's Dream Socks, to be exact. I really liked the pattern because even though it seems to be a standard sock pattern, it is great for a beginning sock knitter like me because it shows to how adjust for different sizes. I only recently started doing socks, so being able to learn how a sock pattern works is very exciting (in that totally geeky way I have about me). The yarn is a beautiful purple/blue soft soft wool.

I included pictures hereCollapse )
Since I know we have at least a few people who have sent, I'm going to go ahead and start this.  The list of partners is below.  When you've sent your ball, and let me know, I'll turn your name green, and when your partner has received and you are all done, I'll turn your name blue!

raynbow - randallfam
semisquared - indiaink
kismet09 - boogie_babe
emmacrew - llyfr
malakym - purlewe - woolarina

March 18th, 2007


OK, pardon the enthusiasm, but I am so close to being finished with the yarn ball swap that I am excited.

I only have 1 or 2 finishing touches, but the ball itself it finished. I just took a picture of it outside in case I need it for proof of how silly it is.

(Is it just me or is your yarn ball so mishapen you start to worry what the postal service will be thinking when they scan it??)

I really hope woolarina likes it. I plan on mailing it soon.

March 15th, 2007

(no subject)

rainbow head - kageneko
Reminders again!

The send out deadline for your magic yarn balls is next Thursday!  You should be putting your ball in the mail by next Thursday at the latest.

When you do send your ball, please let me and your partner know, so they can be expecting it.  When you receive your ball, please, again, let me and your partner now.

When you're shipping you're ball, you may want to get Delivery Confirmation.  It only costs about 50 cents and that way there is no question that things got shipped!

Happy last minute crafting!

March 1st, 2007


rainbow head - kageneko
I know you're all sick of me, but....

Send out deadlines are three weeks from today, so make sure you're working on your stuff. From my own personal experience, don't underestimate the time it takes to actually make it into a ball, especially if you have children or pets (apologies in advance to randallfam for the messy part in the middle. My doggy decided to beta test the 'taking apart' part of the ball at one point.

How's everybody doing? Anyone done? Almost done? Nowhere near done? Forgotten you even signed up for this?

On that note, if for some reason, you can't follow through on the swap, please let me know ASAP so partners can be re-arranged.

I'm hoping to be able to send my finished ball out sometime next week!

February 22nd, 2007

Did everyone get their swap information? If not, let me know ASAP.

Has anybody had any problems communicating with their partner?

I hope everybody is getting started, you've got about a month to the send out date! I've got a bunch of small things half started. I need to get my craft room unpacked the rest of the way so I can really get going.

Also, when you do send, let me know, so I can keep track.

Also, if you have a digital camera, you may want to take pictures before you send. I know we'll all want to see everything. And if you take a picture before you send, if your partner doesn't have a camera, you'll be able to post the pictures for him/her later on!

February 12th, 2007

I went to WalMart at lunch for a few things and ended up buying a bunch of goodies to put in the yarnball for randallfam


February 11th, 2007


rainbow head - kageneko
Better late than never! :)

I've sent all your partner information via email.* Feel free to discuss the swap here, and remember, send out is March 22nd.

Please let me know if you have any problems, and then when you send out, and when you receive.

raynbow - randallfam
semisquared - indiaink
kismet09 - boogie_babe
emmacrew - llyfr
malakym - purlewe - woolarina

We had an odd number of people, so the last pairing is a 3-way, malakym sends to purlewe who sends to woolarina who sends to malakym. Make sense?

*Boogie_Babe I need your email so I can send you your partner information! Can you post it in the same thread as the questionnaire!

February 8th, 2007


rainbow head - kageneko
I've just found out that at least one of the ads that was showing on the community had a virus. I've switched the community back to a basic account, and I'd suggest that everyone do a scan of their computer, just to be safe.

I'm so sorry about this guys. I just assumed that LJ screened their ads better than that.

On a happier note we now have 11 people signed up! (Or mostly signed up, two still have to fill out the questionnaire).

That's great! Reminder, sign ups close tomorrow. (And one more person would be great, so we have an even number!)

February 7th, 2007

Just a reminder that sign ups end Friday. We have 7 people officially signed up so far, and 2 more who I know want to sign up but keep forgetting to fill out the questionnaire.

If you know anyone else who wants to sign up, make sure they fill out the questionnaire by Friday!

Joining the community is nice, because then you can read all my lovely posts, and later hopefully posts about what people got in the swap. But the official signup is the questionnaire. That's what I'll use to do the pairings this weekend!

P.S. I've got one thing almost done for mine already. I have no idea who I'm going to partner myself with, but whoever it is is getting my stress knitting from last week ;)
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