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MagicYarnBall Swaps on Livejournal!

Long-delayed yarn ball update!

MagicYarnBall Swaps on Livejournal!

Long-delayed yarn ball update!

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My ball o' goodness arrived late last week, and I had such a crazy weekend and early workweek that its taken until tonight to find the time to post about it. Sorry for the delay, emmacrew!

Yarn:  Light forest green/brown gorgeous, amazing handspun - 3 ply,  70% wool, 28% silk, 2% nylon,  heavy fingering to sport weight.

I am in luv with this yarn - it is probably the perfect sock yarn, but I hate the idea of wearing such loveliness on my feet!  I think it is destined for a shawl - emmacrew suggests the Fiber Trends flower basket shawl, so I may just have to go with it. ;-)

Goodies, roughly in order of appearance:

-box of 4 chocolate truffles (mmmmmm!!!)
-set of 5 wooden dpns, size 2
-small, circular, blue and white teapot and teacup magnets
-3 rubber needle keepers, shaped like sweaters :-) (blue, red, purple)
-lovely piece of pink/purple tatting - a good friend of mine from looong ago tried to teach me tatting, so I absolutely appreciate the work that goes into even the smallest pieces!
-Olive oil intensive treatment
-Pepperming lip balm
-"Knitorette" chewing gum :-D
-four different kinds of loose tea! (Earl Grey de Creme, Tropical Flowers tea, Christmas Spice tea, Jungle Tropics flavored tea)
-THREE handmade beaded items!: a pattern row counter, 8 stitch markers, and a lovely bracelet, all silver and a light grey stone I can't identify.  Emma? ;-)
-a bottle of organic wool ones wash

And here are three pics:

Ball1 Here's what my ball looked like right out of the box.

Ball2 Here we are about halfway unraveled - the first packet of tea makes its appearance!

Ball3  And here are all the goodies.  I am a happy camper! :-D

I put emmacrew's ball in the mail just this morning ... sorry for the delay, but it should be there by Friday!
  • I am going to dig around for my camera card reader *right now*, so I can make my spinning post about it.
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